Friday, September 29, 2017

Pansy Circle

Pansy Circle

I love pansies but have never included them in quilts before since they require either a printed fabric that has the pansy design and just happens to be the right size and color, or fabric embellishment. Since many of my designs are made into patterns, this can present difficulties for people who want to use the pattern. However, I decided to include them in this quilt and decided to do a lot of them! They form a ring around the center flower.
Two of them are shown in this photo:
Susan Taylor Propst ©2017

For the pink pansies I painted the darker color on to hand-dyed fabric. For the periwinkle pansies, I started with hand-dyed for the back unpainted petals. Then I found a fabric marker that is very similar in color and colored white fabric with the periwinkle color. The dark color around the centers is painted using fabric paint. The leaves were cut from pre-printed fabric.

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