Saturday, November 18, 2017

New Patchwork Book

Beautiful Blocks

I taught beginning and intermediate patchwork classes for a number of years as well as creating applique designs. I decided a few years ago to revisit the intermediate class and update some of the patterns. The design is similar to what I taught in the classes, but there are more techniques and new ways to make some of the blocks. What is particularly nice for many quilters is that I have developed techniques for completing many blocks more easily all by machine, including the Dresden Plate block. I also know many students didn't enjoy the curved piecing so have used glue to make the curves much easier. The outcome of this is that I have written a book with all of the instructions and step-by-step illustrations. I have just completed the manuscript and it will be available on Amazon Nov 20, 2017.
                                                         ISBN: 978-1979475259

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