Friday, March 23, 2018

Beautiful Bouquets

Beautiful Bouquets

This is the applique quilt that was accepted in Lancaster Quilt Week 2018 and is on display this week. The quilt was inspired by some of the bouquets that my husband has given to me. All of the flowers are hand appliqued, and some of the pieces have hand painting and embroidery.
The quilting was done on a stationary machine and took many painstaking hours! Normally I make quilts for patterns and while I do my best applique work, I don't really consider putting them in shows because of the high quality required for the quilting in shows. I spent a bit more time than usual on quilting this quilt, and it was accepted into the show so I was thrilled with that. It didn't win any awards, but just getting to show it was great!

This is a close-up of the orchid blocks, and you can also see some of the border with this. The background fabrics are Daiwabo taupe fabric, which I really love to use.
I am currently working on a book with these designs and hope to have it completed later this year.

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