Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trees and ground

Trees and Ground

The quilt is a bit further along, but this shows when I first added the trees and ground.
For the ground I used a green hombre and cut strips from different values. Although it looks like there are three values, the values are a bit lighter at the top and gradually get slightly darker at the bottom. I stitched this together as a unit before attaching it to the background.
The trees are mostly symmetrical, but not identical reverses of each other. This gives the sense of symmetry but is more interesting because of the differences. I found a great fabric for the trees that looks like bark and is a good scale for the quilt. Some of the smaller branches are a different brown fabric, so there is a bit of variety. Because there was a direction to the brown print, I'm taking advantage of the placement of some of the other applique elements to cut the fabric to allow the direction of the fabric to follow the direction of the branches. That is the main reason there are gaps in some of the branches.
At the bottom, I've added some of the vines that will hold most of the flowers and leaves for the lower part of the quilt. I put all of the trees and vines on the quilt and basted them in place so it provides the framework for the rest of the pieces. I will be appliqueing all of the edges as I go.
I've also already added the morning glory flowers and a few other elements. Much more to come!

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